Michael Buffington


Tuesday, June 11 2013


A lightweight isometric game library for jQuery.


Why call it axono.me?

axono.me renders simulated 3D worlds in what most people would describe as “isometric”. An isometric projection is just one of a few types of axonometric projections. axono.me seemed like a clever name with an available domain name to match.


  • Every line of code started with a failing Screw.Unit test.
  • Works with jQuery as a jQuery plugin normally, but doesn’t require jQuery.
  • [A](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_search_algorithm) (a-star) is a simple and effective algorithm used in tons of games.
  • Any player object you add can answer questions about where it is and where’s it’s going.
  • Layers - drop grids on top of grids.
  • The browser doesn’t need Flash or even Canvas to work. It just needs to run Javascript and know how to position elements.


I wrote axono.me mostly out of curiosity. I wanted to see if I could use the new (at the time) Screw.Unit Javascript testing framework to completely test drive the library.

I ended up with a fairly simple yet capable pure JS and HTML isometric grid engine with a comprehensive test suite.