Michael Buffington

Impact Projects

Saturday, July 06 2013

Impact is a great JavaScript game development platform written by Dominic Szablewski. It’s well documented, relies heavily on convention, is easy to get started with, and is beautifully written Javascript. The $99 license is worth it, if only to get your hands on some well written JavaScript.

Here are some of the projects I’ve made using Impact, and a few plugin projects I’ve started:



Impsock is a Socket.IO plugin for Impact. In short, it allows a developer to very easily add realtime multiplayer support to their Impact games. It’s very responsive.


Still a work in progress, IsometricMap brings the ability to use isometric views (much like those in my other project axono.me) in Impact.



This demo is part of a bigger game I’ve been working on.

Impact Live

Here’s a demo that lets you adjust game entity properties on the fly. Inspired by Bret Victor’s talk Inventing On Principle, it allows you to see changes to Impact’s physics engine in realtime.

Saturday, July 06 2013