Michael Buffington

Speaking in March

Monday, December 11 2006

Hey, yay! I’ll be at SXSW in March as a speaker for the second time. This year I’ll be doing a solo power session (a new sort of shorter panel format). I’ll also be speaking at ETech for the first time later in March.

In both cases I’ll be giving a talk called “Your Web Application as a Text Adventure”, which is a polite way of saying that if you can’t easily create a text adventure style interface to your web application, you’ve got serious problems. Either your application has a poor API (or none), or your API is too complicated, or the organization that pulls the strings is out to lunch.

I’d love to start hearing ideas and reactions to my premise either here, or privately, as I begin to assemble slides and rehearse. Email me at michael.buffington@gmail.com, or talk to me via AIM at elbowdonkey.