Michael Buffington

Stikkit Nominated for SXSW Award

Friday, February 02 2007

I just posted about how Stikkit has been nominated for a SXSW Award in the Technical Achievement category. This is obviously great news, and I spent most of yesterday grinning about it. We’ve been so busy and deep into some really technical stuff – it’s great having that announcement hit around the same time as two other big announcments:

We launched our Stikkit API yesterday (you should read Rael’s announcement post – very good insight into our philosphies).

Merlin Mann announced that he’s joined the Values of n advisory board.

Regarding the SXSW Awards, the People’s Choice voting application went live today, so you’re able to go in and cast your votes for who you think should be the winner. Start voting! For Stikkit!

		<li>Update<br /> [We won!](http://www.valuesofn.com/blog/2007/03/stikkit-won-sxsw-award.html)</li>